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ICON Drilling Services International Ltd. is different.

We are part of the modern energy wave – a smart, dynamic company built on fresh ideas from experienced professionals. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, ICON Drilling is highly service-focused and will always strive to meet our clients’ needs with a fleet of new, modern, and technically advanced AC triple rigs specifically designed to optimize efficiencies and dramatically reduce expensive downtime and labor costs. Our business success is based on cooperative teamwork – from our Management Team to our highly skilled, devoted, and professional field staff. As a privately held company, we make decisions based on our corporate values; we provide a collaborative, friendly, and relaxed work environment where respect for one another is key and every voice is heard. We will always work hard and strive to remain a forward-thinking, well-organized, well-funded and well-supported company that is nothing short of being passionate about growing a safe, profitable and well-respected international services company. Our obsession is clearly based on the drilling paradigm, but most assuredly we are fixated on reaching your total depth objectives in the safest and most efficient means available.

Each Newly Built ICON Drilling rig is:

Fast Drilling – AC / VFD Controlled or DC / SCR Controlled
Energy Efficient
Fast moving – location to location

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In short, ICON’s newly built rigs provide a compelling value proposition to our customers, well above legacy mechanical and DC equipment. The fine control of key drilling parameters offered by ICON drilling systems allows same-class wells to be drilled in half the time required by mechanical or DC equipment. The combination of the ICON “Safety by Design” engineering process, more efficient mobilization and AC/VFD drilling controls allows our customers to drill more wells per rig per year.