Our contract drilling service is simple and direct. We provide not only the drilling rig, but experienced crews and in concert we advocate on behalf of the rendering of safe and reliable services.


It is our practice to always employ fit-for-purpose, reliable equipment that utilizes the latest technologies. This allows us to outperform our competitors, meet your expectations, and ensure a safe working environment for our crews and the environment. Performance and safety go hand in hand.

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In short, ICON rigs provide a compelling value proposition to our customers, well above legacy mechanical and DC equipment.  The fine control of key drilling parameters offered in our overall rig designs and systems allows same-class wells to be drilled in half the time required by mechanical or DC rigs. The combination of the ICON “Safety by Design” engineering process, more efficient mobilization and AC/VFD drilling controls allows our customers to drill more wells per rig per year.

To learn more please see our drilling rig equipment specifications in the links below:


Spec Sheet 1500 HP AC SELRig

Spec Sheet 1000 HP Mechanical Trailer Rig

Spec Sheet 2000 HP AC SELRig

Spec Sheet 2000 HP AC D-SELRig

Spec Sheet 3000 HP DC Fast Move Rig Package