Mergers & Acquisitions

Our M&A strategy is front and center and ICON’s objective is to apply sound business logic to the acquiring of new businesses. Factors to be considered include financial impact, service and brand image, cultural compatibility, service and product synergies, and other salient business requirements.

3,000 HP AC Rig

The M&A strategy is part and parcel of ICON’s overall company’s growth strategy and no doubt plays a significant role in the inorganic expansion of our business. We will continue to employ a repeatable model and institutional discipline to qualify and find value-added targets over and over again – as we are Mountain Climbers – and a company that is expected far and away to outperform in the marketplace.

Our purpose is to firstly augment value by adding measurable growth and economies of scale, increase market share, increase operational synergies, take advantage of potential cost synergies, increase geographical exposure, and to exploit niche service and/or product offerings.

ICON will always be open to examining would-be acquisitions and will continue to employ a model around consistent and thorough due diligence.  We subscribe to the ideology that there is no such thing as “too much” information and that risks are simply mitigated by the information garnered through this process.  Conversely the due diligence process will be used as a tool to uncover hidden opportunities as well.