ICON Drilling Services International Ltd. is a Canadian registered Drilling Services Company that is primarily focused on Mergers and Acquisitions and selective Organic Growth. Our areas of emphasis are the Middle East, Africa, S.E. Asia, Europe, and South America.

ICON believes that a combination of having the best suited and reliable equipment, the best and most experienced people and the best and most efficient processes makes an unbeatable combination that will ultimately make us a drilling services leader in our target markets.

Our newly built rigs will be constructed on the basis of a standard design and customized thereafter to the client’s and industry needs inclusive of the intended drilling scope.  What this warrants is that you are contracting the exact drilling rig for a particular scope without any compromise to the operation and rig efficiencies.

ICON’s Management Team is always looking for acquisitions that are drilling specific and/or industry related and complementary. Our modus-operandi is to source potential acquisitions and create a value added proposition.  It’s a simple equation whereas we purchase, assess, fix, and implement a growth strategy.

Our assurance to our valued clients is that all of rigs regardless of age or manufacture will always arrive on site contract ready, compliant and fully certified. We are advocating reliability and safety.

This data is to be integrated into our predictive maintenance program which allows us to analyze the operation and auto generate work orders when out of tolerance conditions occur. The automatic data collection is far more reliable and reduces errors that inevitably occur wherever manual data entry is used.

Another facet of our predictive maintenance program is the tight control of all assets including spare parts. Our system knows exactly where each item in the inventory is located wherever it is in the world. This detailed control as well as the use of predictive maintenance ensures that critical spares and consumables are readily available to minimize downtime for our rigs which maximizes efficiency and value for our clients.