Health Safety & Environment


Directors, officers and employees of ICON Drilling Services International Ltd. are individually committed to a best-in-class health, safety and environmental culture across all aspects of our operations.

ICON Drilling mandates that every employee be a safety leader on the job through taking ownership of his or her own safety and making the health and safety of people around them their primary concern. This culture requires a unwavering commitment toward continuous improvements in hazard identification and risk reduction, making our operations safe.

Through the utilization of ”green technology”, we continue to reduce our overall operational footprint.

safety matters

Creating a fundamentally safe and environmentally friendly working atmosphere, ICON Drilling provides a better quality service and product offering with less downtime and minimal environmental impact. Utilizing the deep and enduring culture that is Health, Safety and environmentally driven, and in partnership with our Clients, we will provide the best in class HSE performance.

ICON makes safety a primary element in all that we do — the safety and well-being of our employees and those combined with our operations; the protection of the environment; and the operational reliability of our equipment. We firmly believe that an incident-free environment can be achieved anytime and anywhere and we intend to make that avowal a reality.

ICON works in partnership with all clients, host governments, regulators, and vendors and the public on environmental initiatives. Our involvement is simply aimed at creating a better understanding of our working environment and to ensure that we consciously acknowledge all sensitivities associated with the surrounding environment.

HS&E (2)

We boldly assert that under no circumstances will we compromise the safety of our personnel nor the environment. Our policy of ZERO TOLERANCE is supported by our HSE policies and enforced accordingly. The ultimate purpose of those enforcing authorities is to ensure that duty-holders manage and control and mitigate risks effectively, and therefore preventing harm and maintaining absolute conformance.